St Pat's Kitchen & Grill

St Pat's Kitchen & Grill

With a dedicated team of cooks, kitchen assistants and service staff, we aim to provide your children with an exciting and tasty menu they so rightly deserve. We provide a daily menu that will meet all their dietary requirements whilst introducing your children to the colourful myriad of culinary delights from around the world. 

 We happily cater for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free and we adhere to all religious requirements in accordance with food preparation. 

Using only top quality cuts of meat, we source our fare directly from the numerous outlets that reside within the historical and famous, Smithfield Market. Our seafood is delivered fresh by the reputable Daily Fish who supply not only schools throughout London but also Michelin starred restaurants, hotels and pubs. Our fruits and vegetables are of the highest quality and we encourage the children to follow a healthy eating lifestyle. 

 We pride ourselves in offering great food, a festive atmosphere and above all; satisfied children.

Vegetable Lasagne 

Layers of in-house prepared egg pasta sheets with roasted vine tomatoes, summer vegetables, fresh herbs, puree of red lentils & glazed with mozzarella cheese.

Pasta alla Norma 

Slow roasted medley of vine tomatoes, aubergine, garlic, red lentils, onions, red peppers & sprinkled with fresh basil, our tomato sauces are always prepared fresh & pureed on the day of service.

Cajun Chalk Stream Trout

Oven baked with Cajun seasoning, lemon/lime glaze & finished with a sprinkling of fresh coriander. Farm raised in Hampshire, Chalk Stream Trout is considered by many to be one of the most sustainable fish for the catering industry in the country (


Freshly rolled sushi in weeks one & three. Our sushi is prepared with Nori (dried seaweed) & stuffed with sticky rice, slivers of carrot, cucumber strips, Edamame & lentils. Served as a vegetarian option but liked and served to everyone.


School Menus

Week 1 - 15.04, 06.05, 03.06, 24.06, 15.07

Week 2   - 22.04, 13.05, 10.06, 01.07

Week 3  - 29.04, 20.05, 17.06, 08.07

About our Chef

Hailing from Canada, 'Chef Scotty,' began working as a line cook in 1990 at numerous restaurants in the London, Ontario region. This lead Scott to study, train and work as a Chef and he has not looked back. He has worked in contract catering, hotels, events, festivals, street food and now, 'St. Pat's Kitchen & Grill.'

Scott's favourite dish is Steak Tartar w/ Beaufort Free Range Egg.