Visitors to St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

(COVID-19 Instructions)

  • Visitors on site should be kept to an absolute minimum and outside the school teaching hours to ensure that the risk of social contact is reduced. If maintenance visits are essential, where possible these should be made either before 8:30am or after 3:30pm. This will remain in place for the rest of the Summer Term.
  • If essential visits need to be made during the school hours i.e. Social Worker, please ensure these are pre-arranged. On the day of the visit, please ring the office to inform us know that you are outside the school (020 8509 4321).
  • All visitors MUST use the sanitiser hand gel located in the main reception area when entering and leaving the school.
  • All visitors to follow the 2m distancing rules inside the school.
  • All visitors to use the one way traffic markings indicated on the floor.
  • Visitors to use outdoor routes as much as possible and only use interior corridors as a last resort.
  • Visits must not be made to school if you present with any COVID-19 symptoms (cough, temperature, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste). If anyone in your household has any of the above symptoms, you must not visit the school and follow the government guidelines.
    Access to the school car park is restricted to essential car users only – this will require active management and potential pre-arrangements to be made – implications for the impact on local residents resultant from increased on-street parking will be considered.
  • Priority parking will be given to those identified as having a health related issues ensuring that they park closer to the front of the car park.
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